About Us


Kamakura Restaurant opened in Alameda in November 1981. It is a family business owned by Akiko “Faith” Yamato. Kamakura is named after the fishing town Kamakura located south of Tokyo on the east coast of Japan. It is also one of the original capitals of ancient Japan and has one of the largest Buddha statues in the world. Kamakura restaurant recently celebrated its 33rd anniversary and Faith who turned 90 in March 2014, can be seen at the restaurant during most business hours.

Commitment to Quality

Our commitment to quality and excellence begins with our “kome” or rice.  We only use premium short-grain rice for all our sushi and served with all entrees.  Premium short-grain rice is traditional in Japan and the most expensive, while most Japanese restaurants in the U.S. utilize cheaper medium-grain or even long-grain rice.  Our kome is the best for sushi as each grain absorbs the sushi “su” vinegar and brings out the perfect flavor and texture, whether for nigiri or rolls.

We only purchase the finest ingredients for all our dishes from the most reputable local vendors specializing in sushi-grade seafood and Japanese food products.  All food imports from Japan and overseas must first pass inspection by Customs and FDA as required by federal law.  FOOD SAFETY is Kamakura’s top priority.  All our food-handling employees have received the food safety certificate as required by the state of California.

Master Chef Youichi Nishimaki is our senior Chef. With over 45years of Japanese culinary and Kaiseki dining experience, originally trained and schooled in Japan, he is a true expert and skilled veteran providing Kamakura with over 15 years of his loyal service.

We also employ four sushi chefs from Japan with a combined sushi experience of over 80 years